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A beautiful day in Ciucas

About two and a half hours drive from Bucharest, the beautiful Ciucas Mountains welcome tourists in every season.
Get to Ploiesti and then further to Valenii de Munte. Continue the trip to Maneciu and then towards Cheia.
Just before entering the Cheia village, on the left side of the road visit the small Suzana Monastery, built in the eighteenth century and featuring icons by Tattarescu. The community of nuns lives in a simple and cozy village around the monastery. Ciucas Mountains
Cheia, located at the foot of the Ciucas range is known both as a base for trips in the mountains and for its monastery.
Seven kilometers from Cheia, deep in the mountains but accessible by car, is the Muntele Rosu chalet. Recently renovated, with clean rooms and a wonderful restaurant, Muntele Rosu is a good base for hikes further in the mountains.
Ciucas Mountains


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