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Florian's Lesson

Florian has left us with the modesty and simplicity he lived his life. In a Romania increasingly thirsty for fake TV stars, fortunes gained no matter how, uselessly expensive cars, stupidly exotic holidays, Florian lived a simple life of decency, happiness and friendship. He stubbornly refused to make fortunes, even though he could have done it. Asked by a TV presenter why doesn't he organize concerts to make more money, he answered: "To make money ? What to do with money ?"
He didn't even have a car. He was one of the few without a fortune who appeared sometimes on the TV screens filling our homes with his big soul. Because Florian had a big soul. He was not only an actor and a successful musician, but mainly a real man, without masks, secrets and contradictions, without sophisms and snobisms. He truly believed in what he was saying and he used to do what he believed.
This is the lesson we need to learn from his way of life: in this horribly materialistic world we can still be honest to ourselves, open and happy for each second we live on this planet, understanding that not the money and the career make a man, but his spirit.

"The rain that will come,
Will flood everything,
Let us try to build
A city with no sins .... "

Sorin-Alexandru Cristescu, September 2007

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