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Save our forests !
High floods sweep everything in their path. The houses are shattered like matchboxes. The valleys are flooded, all around the water has no end, it's as if a new sea is born. A sea of mud, animal corpses, a lifetime of work which is now gone, a sea of tears ....
Why do we have to witness this ? Why people haven't realized that the ongoing deforestations during the last 15 years will have catastrophic effects ?
I walk on the mountains and I enjoy our magnificent nature, a true priceless gift, a living treasure. But from the Piatra Craiului ridge I see the apocalyptic images of the deforestations. The mountain wound is deep. And this is happening in a National Park, protected by all Romanian an European laws ! Unfortunately, this is not an exception, but rather a rule. In their impetuous greed for money, monsters with human face who believe they are above the law, want to destroy our priceless gift: the forests. They don't care about an entire nation who's suffering. They want their pockets full of those transient fortunes. Why don't they understand that money come and go ? But the forests remain, they give us life, they are the true fortune.
But, united, we'll not tolerate the threat to our forests. When you hike in the mountains, don't take photos only with the beauty of the nature. Take back with you something from the wounds of the mountain, take photos with the stumps remaining after deforestations and show these images to the world.
Maybe now, before it's too late, we understand what the forest means to us. Maybe after we've seen the horrific effects of the devastating floods, we realize that each tree matters. And maybe each of us will plant a tree and guard it like a true treasure. So we can leave something to our children.

Let's listen thus to the entreaty of the forest:
"Friend, I am the warmth of your home in the cold winter nights,
I am the protecting shadow in the heat of the summer. I am the roof of
your house and the plank of your table, I am the dwelling of your sleep
and the wood of your violins. I am the handle of your hoe and the door of your hut,
I am the wood of your cradle and of your coffin. I am the bread of kindness and
the flower of beauty.
Listen to my entreaty: Don't destroy me!"

Sorin Cristescu, August 2005

Here you can see just a fraction of the mountain wound (photos taken from the National Park Piatra Craiului by Grigore Sarbu):
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