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Libearty - Giving more than taking
Far away from the bustle of the cities, at the footsteps of the mountains, on the hillocks near Zarnesti town, there is a blessed place: the bear sanctuary Libearty. Many bears are brought and taken care there in semi-freedom. These animals have suffered many years because of the absurdities of our world: they used to `amuse` the tourists at restaurants all over the country, they were kept in captivity in awful circumstances in improvised zoos, they were chased by poachers, they were even used as dancing bears ....

I met there some wonderful people, doing voluntary work to save these magnificent creatures with whom God enriched the face of the Earth.
the bear sanctuary, Zarnesti
The Zarnesti bear sanctuary is by far the largest of its kind in Europe. For a while sustained by global organizations like WSPA, now the sanctuary needs to obtain by its own the financial resources necessary to continue its activity. Thus, there is great need of help, namely volunteers who can assist in finding and bringing the abused bears to the reservation, but also funds necessary to build and maintain the bears` shelters.

For details, please call Mr. Dinka Laszlo, one of the enthusiastic friends of animals: 0040722883877 or 0040788714917.

The sanctuary is dedicated to the female bear Maia. She was kept in captivity in unbearable circumstances until she mutilated herself and even after being freed and a surgery tried to rescue her, she continued to self mutilate. Thus she was put to sleep.
Such as these things never happen again, please bring your contribution to the Zarnesti miracle. It`s in our strength to pass through this world giving more than we take.
Sorin Cristescu, May 2008
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