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Travelling in Romania
Eastern Europe is fast becoming a very trendy place to holiday, and if you're looking for somewhere that remains relatively undiscovered then Romania is a great destination to consider. While Bucharest is a thriving and bustling city where you'll find many modern conveniences, venturing a little outside of the capital will ensconce you in rural culture that hasn't changed much in centuries. With a range of attractions and experiences to enjoy, you'll be able to experience an extraordinary holiday when travelling in Romania.

If you're venturing into Romania then your trip is likely to begin in Bucharest. This thriving and modernised city is often a surprise when compared with the rest of the country. The city is filled with students and families, with an open air bar scene and chances to see multi-lingual films, opera and theatre adding to its cultural diversity. The architecture in Bucharest is eclectic, with the modern 21st century high-rise commercial and resident buildings nestled amongst medieval churches and courts. Central University Library is a very grand building which dominates the surroundings and is a fantastic insight into Romanian architecture. Meanwhile, if you want to see Primaverii Palace, glimpses of the ornate estate can be seen over its boundary walls.

Bucharest also has some great cuisine available, and if you want to try the traditional beers of Stejar and Ursus, heading to the Caru cu Bere is ideal. This is the oldest beer hall in the city and offers an historic place to sample beverages. Romanian cuisines are also perfect for trying and, having a mix of Latin, Turkish and Hungarian influences, can be a surprising delight.

Exploring outside of Bucharest is a great way to delve into Romania's past and if you want to venture into rural locations it's best to use car hire. Public transport is limited here, and often you'll see locals still using horses and traps to get around. If you're keen on countryside and natural landscapes then Romania offers plenty of sights for you to enjoy. The Danube Delta is fantastic for bird lovers, with the area attracting millions of migrating birds, especially during September and October. Romania's Carpathian Mountains are swathed in lush forest and ideal for hiking trips, whilst keen cyclists will also love the mountain heights in the warmer months.

If you're looking for some of Romania's iconic legends and artwork, then Sighisoara is the first place to head. This medieval town is the birth place of Vlad Tepes, the original Dracula. Colourful houses, cobbled streets and stunning churches are ideal for exploring, along with the Dracula legend itself. Meanwhile Gura Humorului's Voronet Monastery is one of the most colourful and famed buildings in Suceava County, with 'Voronet Blue' used to intensify motifs and artwork. Elsewhere, the Merry Graveyard of Sapanta has a great variety of painted crosses which showcase the deceased's life. If you're looking to travel in a country which is largely undiscovered by westerners, then Romania will offer a surprisingly thrilling trip.
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