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Up the Mountain by Bike
Ingredients: a beautiful day of March, three bicicles, a VW Golf 4 and three friends.
Result: two mountainbiking trips.
Where: villages Magura si Pestera, Brasov county ....
The Old Halmeag
I don't remember when I fell asleep. I only recall I was walking awake on that dusty road which was taking me to the unknown. Then the silhouette of the white church showed up and then the hillock nesting it, while the village was unfolding peacefully at its foot ....
A Little World
Away from the Transylvanian cities, away from the hectic pace of the modern society, there is a little universe, hidden deep in the Transylvanian plateau: the universe of the ancient Saxon villages ....
The Ploughman
Every year, as the spring makes its presence felt, all over the country the shepherds take their flocks to the mountains, where they spend the warm season. This is the time of nature rebirth, good crops and celebrations for the gifts of nature ....
The Journey Home
Coming from Bucharest or from Brasov, the magnificent Piatra Craiului ridge cannot just let you untouched. Suddenly, growing abruptly from the plain, the massif stretches entirely in front of your amazed eyes and invites you to walk its paths ...
A World Lost and Rediscovered
Sighisoara, the old Transylvanian burg, was very sleepy that day at the beginning of January. But I'm not going to talk about Sighisoara here. We had visited the town - how many times already ? - and we were waiting for the train, but since we had at least a half an hour to kill, we took a walk around the station ...
The Village in the Heart of the City
If you are in Bucharest and you feel the pressure of crowds, traffic and pollution, and you want to escape to the tranquil world of the village, you don't have to leave the city.
Piatra Craiului Magic
Close to Brasov and not far from Bucharest, Piatra Craiului is among the most popular outdoor destinations in the country. Summer or winter, camping or staying at the chalets, Piatra Craiului is a mountain for all seasons.
Mud Volcanoes - out of this world
Only about two hours and a half drive from Bucharest, a unique landscape reveals itself to the eager eye of the traveller: the magnificent mud volcanoes of Buzau county ...
A Beautiful Day in Ciucas
About two and a half hours drive from Bucharest, the beautiful Ciucas Mountains welcome tourists in every season ...
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