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The Journey Home

Coming from Bucharest or from Brasov, the magnificent Piatra Craiului ridge cannot just let you untouched. Suddenly, growing abruptly from the plain, the massif stretches entirely in front of your amazed eyes and invites you to walk its paths.
Unfortunately the mass tourism and together with it, the kitsch and the bad taste have started to invade villages like Bran or Moieciu de Jos and Moieciu de Sus, while the prices have grown linearly with the number of tourists who only leave their expensive cars to check in comfortable pensions or restaurants.
Fortunately, hidden where only the true mountain lovers climb, there are still a couple of authentic mountain villages, spread over the old shoulders of Piatra Craiului. Magura is one of those villages, best reachable through Zarnesti, passing by Gura Raului chalet, continuing past Fantana lui Botorog (Botorog's Well) and from there following the winding road to the left.
For many this is a journey like any other, for others it is nothing more than a beautiful mountain trip, but for me this is the journey home.

Piatra Craiului Mountains, Magura village and Bucegi Mountains
Magura village
Magura village

Sorin-Alexandru Cristescu, January 2007

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