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The Ploughman

Every year, as the spring makes its presence felt, all over the country the shepherds take their flocks to the mountains, where they spend the warm season. This is the time of nature rebirth, good crops and celebrations for the gifts of nature. Such an event, known as "the Ploughman" is supposed to bring health and wealth to the people and fertility to their crops and animals.

The Ploughman
Traditional dance and music
With ancient, pre-Christian roots, the celebration takes place in many villages all over the country. At the footsteps of Fagaras Mountains, off the beaten track, the celebration of the ploughman still preserves its roots, avoiding commercialization and falsifications. Around the noon, after the service at the church, the youngsters gather together in the courtyard of one of the youngest of them, who plays the role of the ploughman. Some of them dance and play traditional music, while others prepare the ploughman by getting him dressed into leaves and tree branches. The Ploughman Bringing the ploughman to the river
The Ploughman
The youngsters march
Then, making a long parade and chanting amusing songs, they carry the ploughman to the river, dropping him into the water. As a symbol of fertility and wealth, the water is a central motive to the celebration. The ploughman takes off his clothes of leaves and branches and remains in a dark suit, with a large hat, which he uses to collect water and throw it away to the audience, which tries to run away to avoid getting wet. The Ploughman
Wet, wet, wet
After succeeding in getting almost everybody wet, the ploughman is carried back to his courtyard and then the dance and songs continue. Sometimes the parade of youngsters dressed in beautiful traditional dress marches to the neighboring villages chanting and dancing.

Fagaras Mountains
Fagaras range
The Ploughman
The Ploughman
The Ploughman
The Ploughman
The traditional dance "hora"
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