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The village in the heart of the city

If you are in Bucharest and you feel the pressure of crowds, traffic and pollution, and you want to escape to the tranquil world of the village, you don't have to leave the city. Don't forget that in the very heart of the permanently changing city, there is a oasis of calm and perenity: The Village Museum.
The Village Museum Organized in regions and now under expansion, the museum boasts traditional homes, churches, but also tools for agriculture and for the household, brought here starting with the 1930s. The Village Museum
The Village Museum
The Village Museum

Enter the households and the churches, abandoning yourselves to this world of the beginning of time, so simple, yet so complex with its traditions, customs, popular unwritten calendars and well-defined hierarchies.
During the important celebrations, but also on other occasions, the museum organizes folklore festivals and workshops, not to be missed for any traditional art lover. Fascinating traditional dress, music, dance, icons, handicrafts, even food and drinks from various regions are all present.

But the most interesting part of the museum exploration is the fantastic atmosphere, which keeps you under its spell, making you oblivious of the big city that surrounds you. And if the snow crunches under your feet, and if your cheeks are red with cold, but your soul is warmed up by the perennial world of the village, then it means you'll come back, captivated each time and each season by this place so old, yet again and again different.
The Village Museum The Village Museum The Village Museum


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