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Mud volcanoes - a unique landscape

Only about two hours and a half drive from Bucharest, a unique landscape reveals itself to the eager eye of the traveller: the magnificent mud volcanoes of Buzau county.
From Bucharest, head to Buzau and then continue towards Berca. Then follow the road sign to the mud volcanoes (Vulcanii Noroiosi), which will lead you the area called Paclele Mari.
Just near the lone motel with restaurant, the strange lunar landscape appears suddenly among the green hills. Not only the mud volcanoes themselves are interesting, but the entire area, with its strange rock and clay formations shaped by water, wind and sun. Mud volcanoes
Mud volcanoes Mud volcanoes Mud volcanoes

Further on, if you continue the trip on the country road, you’ll reach a second area with mud volcanoes, known as Paclele Mici. It’s trickier to get here, but it’s worth it - they say the landscape is even more interesting than at Paclele Mari.
Get back to Berca and then follow the signs to Magura, boasting two major attractions of the region: Ciolanu Monastery and the open-air workshop of modern sculpture.
Ciolanu Monastery
Ciolanu Monastery and the open-air workshop of modern sculpture at Magura The open-air workshop of modern sculpture at Magura Buzau county

From Magura, if you don't like getting back on the same road, you can continue towards Valenii de Munte, or even better - towards Brasov, through the beautiful landscape of Siriu Mountains.
Just before Brasov you'll have the opportunity of visiting the peasant citadels of Harman and Prejmer, but probably you should allocate an extra day for the trip.


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