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Romania's most beautiful villages
Without further ado, let me introduce you to what I believe are the most beautiful villages in Romania. The order below is purely random. Please feel free to add your most beautiful villages to this list and to explain why you've chosen them.
Rametea (Alba county)
- for the whitewashed houses, neatly aligned to the main road on the backdrop of the magnificent Trascau Range
Lazarea (Harghita county)
- because in this village sheltered between the hillocks you'll find a fortified church, a Franciscan monastery and a magnificent castle reminding the Flemish Renaissance
Densus (Hunedoara county)
- for the unique, ancient church, among the oldest in the country, a synthesis of flamboyant architectural styles married in such a small monument
Viscri (Brasov county)
- for the Saxon tidiness, for the picturesque citadel up the steep hill and for the forests that surround the village from all sides, making it appear as hanging somewhere beyond time and space
Malancrav (Sibiu county)
- for the church painted in the colors of the sky, with the Biblical characters wearing the traditional dress and the soldiers' uniforms of the early Middle Ages; for the Transylvanian plateau that stretches out around the village, nestling it among the hillocks - green in the summer and white in the winter
Enisala (Tulcea county)
- for the impossibly romantic ruins of the Genovese-Byzantine citadel and for the unearthly Dobrudja landscapes, that seem to remind Scheherazade's stories
Agapia (Neamt county)
- for the beautiful monastery, for its patriarchal landscapes, but most of all for the courtyards full of flowers in this monastic village
Biertan (Sibiu county)
- for the Saxon citadel, the largest peasant fortress in the country, fortified with three rings of walls and for the picturesque hills surrounding the village
Ieud (Maramures county)
- because it boasts not just one, but two wooden churches, the one up the hill being among the oldest in the country and for its typical Maramures wooden houses and gates
Casa de Piatra (?)
- because it's one of the wildest places in the country (the proof being that I don't even know in which county it is), where, in spite of its name (Casa de Piatra = Stone House) all houses are entirely made of wood, including the church
Magura-Pestera (Brasov county)
- for the fabulous landscapes seen from these two villages nestled among the two ranges - Bucegii and Piatra Craiului
Colibita (Bistrita-Nasaud county)
- for the magnificent lake among the mountains and for the people who bear God in their souls

Sorin-Alexandru Cristescu, October 2011


Rametea (courtesy www.demeter-guesthouse.blogspot.com)




Ieud (courtesy cosminfoto.blogspot.com)


Agapia (courtesy outdoorsinromania.8k.com)

Casa de piatra (courtesy cebroxy.wordpress.com)

Colibita (courtesy http://www.kalos.ro/stiriletale/)




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