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Word for the traveler, previous issues

September 2010
Eastern Europe is fast becoming a very trendy place to holiday, and if you're looking for somewhere that remains relatively undiscovered then Romania is a great destination to consider. While Bucharest is a thriving and bustling city where you'll find many modern conveniences, venturing a little outside of the capital will ensconce you in rural culture that hasn't changed much in centuries ....

May 2008
Far away from the bustle of the cities, at the footsteps of the mountains, on the hillocks near Zarnesti town, there is a blessed place: the bear sanctuary Libearty. Many bears are brought and taken care there in semi-freedom. These animals have suffered many years because of the absurdities of our world ....

September 2007
Florian has left us with the modesty and simplicity he lived his life. In a Romania increasingly thirsty for fake TV stars, fortunes gained no matter how, uselessly expensive cars, stupidly exotic holidays, Florian lived a simple life of decency, happiness and friendship ....

January 2007
So here we are inside the European Union. Many, maybe the majority of the inhabitants rejoice. And this is normal. But there are some who don't. One of them is the wolf. I mean the wild beast living in the forest. The forest that is abused, destroyed, burned, commercialized, cleared legally or illegally, just not taken care of. ....

October 2006
I'm woken up early by disco-like noises. Oh, it's again my neighbor above ... Even early on Sunday he plays loud music. Usually I wake up early, but this time I would have liked to sleep longer. Shall I knock at his door ? I did that before several times and without result ....

June 2006
Once upon a time, in the summer of 1995, in the Western Carpathians. After a few adventures we reach the train station in Turda, the old Transylvanian town, from where we were supposed to take the train to Campeni. And then, as if emerging from the ancient tales with fairies and dwarfs, here it is the little green train on its narrow gauge, which we heard about, but never saw ....

May 2006
Why do I love Romania ? On one hand it's so easy to answer, but on the other hand I'm afraid I'll not make myself understood to many. More than 10 years back, during the peak of economic crisis in Romania, when poverty pushed many to the verge of desperation, during my trips all over the country I met wonderful people ....

January 2006
I remember the warmth of their hands wrapping around my own little hands. I remember the pine smell of the woods. I remember the puppies living next to the mountain cabin, for which we used to bring food each time we went to the cantina. I remember the summer sun filtered by the big trees, for me true giants ....

August 2005
High floods sweep everything in their path. The houses are shattered like matchboxes. The valleys are flooded, all around the water has no end, it's as if a new sea is born. A sea of mud, animal corpses, a lifetime of work which is now gone, a sea of tears ....

June 2005
The road. The calls from far away. The adventure.
The road is flowing through my veins. I feel it pulsating, calling me. Where are you taking me, my road ? To the unexplored paths or to the beaten tracks ? To the blue sky or to the green forest, to the white peaks or to the yellow cornfields ?

May 2005
No matter where you go - Bucharest, Transylvania, Moldova, Bukovina, Banat, Dobrogea - you'll notice the influences of the many minorities living in Romania for centuries. These influences manifest at all levels of society: in architecture, in music, in dance, in traditions, in dress, in language, even in cooking and definitely in people's behavior.
What would be Transylvania without the majestic Saxon fortresses, our traditional cuisine without the Hungarian goulash, our traditional dances without Sarba, our language without the soft Slavic sounds, our religion without the Byzantine rites ?

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